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Since 1992

Ethan & Natasha Graybill
2421 S.J. Workman Hwy
Woodruff, SC 29388
Phone:  (864) 266-8664

Mike & Donna Graybill
2431 S.J. Workman Hwy
Woodruff, SC 29388
Phone:  (864) 266-1245


Vom Woodruff Kennels has sold a:

  • Companion/Pet Quality, (male or female)

For:  $__________________.

  • Show Quality/Breeding Quality, (male or female)

For:  $__________________.

Pure breed Rottweiler to:

The dog is in good health at this time with (all or partial) shots given.  If this dog develops a severe genetic fault before two (2) years of age, (eg.  heart or hip problems) and must be euthanized because of such a fault, a replacement puppy of equal value will be made from the first available litter.  However, Vom Woodruff must be consulted with before such action can be taken.  Vom Woodruff claims the right to request a second evaluation by our veterinarian before such drastic measures are taken.

Vom Woodruff Kennels shall not be liable for any life prolonging or major health care expenses, (eg. veterinarian fees for hip, heart, cancer treatment, operations or other veterinarian expenses.)

A Vom Woodruff puppy or dog can be reserved with a 20% non-refundable deposit. Puppies are ready to leave around 8 weeks of age and reserving a puppy shortly after whelp is the best way to ensure your future family member as our puppies are usually spoken for before they reach 8 weeks old. If purchaser leaves a deposit desired dog must be paid for in full before shipping or at pick-up at 8 weeks old unless a later date has been specified and agreed upon by Vom Woodruff Kennels. Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs, crate and vet health certificates for flying.

Purchaser should have a veterinarian examination performed on the dog within forty-eight (48) hours after purchase.  Dog can be returned for any reason for full refund within forty-eight (48) hours of purchase. It is purchaser’s responsibility to get the dog back to Vom Woodruff Kennels and pay for return shipping if necessary for refund.

After this time period, purchaser shall assume full responsibility for the dog.  All daily expenses, such as care, upkeep, veterinarian bills, legal fees and third party liability (eg. law suits, litigation, etc.) shall accrue to the purchaser (owner), not the seller.  Any health problems known by the breeder at the time of purchase shall be listed at the bottom of this contract.  Purchaser will assume full responsibility for continued care of the dog.

If the dog is being sold as Companion/Pet Quality, the dog will have LIMITED AKC registration meaning the dog cannot be shown or bred. If the dog is sold as show/breeding quality the dog will come with FULL AKC registration. If the dog develops a fault which prevents him or her from achieving an AKC conformation championship or a genetic fault that prevents the dog from reproducing offspring, a replacement will be made from the next available litter free of charge.  Vom Woodruff reserves the right to have animal evaluated and the final status determined by our kennel and our veterinarian before replacement.  The original purchaser may keep the original dog.

Vom Woodruff Kennels will provide registration papers as soon as they are received from the AKC.  Copies of the Sire and Dam’s pedigree, shot and deworming records, proof of application of AKC registration all other pertinent information concerning the said dog shall be provided at the time of purchase.  All AKC papers will remain with the kennel name of “Vom Woodruff” as the presenting part of the dog’s registered name followed by registered name starting with that dog’s litter letter. ( Example – I litter: Vom Woodruff’s Inferno)  Vom Woodruff claims the right to recover any losses as a result of misuse of the kennel name.  Purchaser must provide a name for the dog to the breeder within six (6) months of purchase.

If owners should decide to sell the dog, breeder shall have the first option to repurchase the said dog at the original sale price paid to the breeder, or breeder shall assist in placing the dog in a suitable new home.


Purchaser: ___________________________  Phone: _______________

Address: __________________________________________________

Email: ____________________________________________________

Health conditions noted at time of sale: ____________________________

Seller’s   Signature:___________________________________________

Purchaser’s Signature: ________________________________________

Witness: _________________________  Sale Date: _________________

Whelping Date of Desired Dog: __________________________________

Litter Letter of Desired Dog: ____________________________________

Sire of Desired Dog: __________________________________________

Dam of Desired Dog: _________________________________________

AKC Registration or Litter Number: ______________________________

(if available at this time)

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